GVH students wear red to support classmate battling cancer


Students at a north Iowa elementary school are wearing red today to show support for one of their classmates battling brain cancer.

“I seen it this morning,” says 4th grader Kaleb Graff.

This is what 4th grader Kaleb saw when he got to school this morning a sea of red.

Students and faculty at Garner-Hayfield-Ventura Elementary School wore red today just for him.

That’s because Kabel is battling brain cancer, for the 2nd time.

“They organized this to happen today for him just to know that everybody is thinking about him and wants the best for him and wants him to do well through all of his chemo,” says Kaleb’s mother, Michelle Gremmer.

Kaleb beat brain cancer when he was just a toddler but it has since relapsed and doctors found another tumor on his brain.

His mom says it’s already caused his vision to deteriorate. Kaleb will undergo 52 weeks of chemotherapy.

His parents say this 4th grader is a strong kid and is ready to tackle cancer, again.

Kaleb and his parents will be heading to Iowa City tomorrow to begin his chemo therapy.

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