Internet looping lunch and learn


CHARLES CITY, Iowa – A new internet loop has gone active and now Floyd county business leaders are meeting to learn more.

The lunch and learn sponsored by BroadNet connect is giving Charles City residents a look at what it means to have a new fiber optic internet loop available.

According to BroadNet officials, the idea with a loop design is if it’s cut in one place, the connection will not go down.

An advantage they say will benefit businesses who rely on high-speed service.

“It is really to spark development and economic opportunities for rural communities before perhaps unable to get any service other than a basic a basic DSL,” said Brittany Treacy with BroadNet Connect.

Those with BroadNet also discussed how by having the infrastructure in place Charles City could potentially attract large-scale companies to the area.

“That broadband Internet connection is the backbone for expanding in building into technology and adding all of those additional solutions which we also discussed today,” said Treacy.

For more information on how your company can take part, you can reach a representative at this number: 515-471-9440.

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