MPCA needs volunteers to monitor water quality in lakes/streams

Minnesota lake

If you live on or near a lake or stream in Minnesota the state Pollution Control Agency is looking for your help.

The MPCA needs volunteers to track water quality changes in lakes and streams across the state.

As a part of the program folks are asked to perform short simple tests at certain bodies of water once a week throughout the summer.

Coordinators of the program say the data they receive helps track any changes in the waters.

“A lot of time we don’t have any other data on lakes and streams besides this volunteer data so it helps us track over time too how the quality of the lakes and streams if they’re changing if they’re getting better worse or staying the same,” says Laurie Sovell, Coordinator with the Citizens Stream Monitoring Program.

If you live in Minnesota near a lake or stream and would like to help monitor the health of the waters you can be a volunteer monitor. Visit or call the agency at 651-296-6300.

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