President signs orders to narrow wage gap

Equal pay executive orders

KIMT News 3 – Obama signed two executive orders on Tuesday working to put an end to gender discrimination in the workforce.

The first Executive Order he signed it works to support employee conversations about salaries since having these discussions are the only way to fully understand the amount of discrimination taking place.

The second order President Obama signed establishes new regulations about compensation paid to employees based on sex and race.

Some jobs are better than others when it comes to the pay ratio, and according to research from the National Bureau of Economics, pharmacists are near the top.

At one north Iowa pharmacy, they’re really tipping the scales as nearly all of their employees are women.

Research says that full-time female pharmacists earn roughly $.92 cents to every dollar their male counterparts’ makes, which, compared to a federal analysis, on average women make around $.77 cents to every dollar a man makes.

Lisa Hubka, a pharmacist with Clear Lake Pharmacy tells us that she’s not only proud of the equality in her industry, but she is also proud also at the number of female employees who surround her.

“Ever since I’ve worked here, it’s been all women,” Hubka says, “except for the owner and the drivers, but most of the time it is mostly women that I’ve worked with.”

She went on to say that in former jobs, the pay scale was mostly determined by how long an employee had been with the company and not by their sex or race.

In honor of President Obama’s executive orders and the progress made toward equal rights for women in the workplace, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad announced that today will be known as Equal Pay Day throughout the state.

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