The struggle with water continues for a local town


BELMOND, IA – Between running that steady stream of water to prevent frozen pipes, regular water usage, and water main breaks, you would think the city of Belmond would be tapped dry. And they would have had they not switched water plants a few years ago.

“If we had still been in our old plant, which would have been just two years ago we would have been in that plant we could have never done this. We would have run out of water,” says city manager LeeAnn Waltzing.

On a regular day the new water plant would typically be producing water for 4 hours, lately its been almost 20. Which isn’t cheap.

“It costs a lot of money to produce water, electricity  and gas in the process of purifying the water, all the chemical to purify the chemical,” Waltzing adds.

Multiple water main breaks with water gushing down streets doesn’t help. Because of recent main breaks, citizens may experience water outages for several hours. Those who notice their faucet is dry, are able to brings jugs or other containers to city hall and fill them.

One person who knows this process well is Sandy Steenblock. She has been without water for weeks and is still waiting for the kitchen sink to start flowing. Through the process she is thankful for the city’s help.

“They’ve been generous, you know, they did prorate our water bills and stuff while we were running and not running,” says Steenblock.

Now that warmer temperature are here, city officials say it’s time to start decreasing water usage and are asking for those steady streams to be turned off.

For now, it’s safe to say most folks are happy to have water back because for some it still can’t come soon enough.

“Tomorrow would be good, tonight would be better,” says Steenblock.

City officials also tell us that they are having issues with the lime in the water so citizens may have hard water for a few days until the problem is fixed.

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