Golden Apple: Greg Hiemstra


7th and 8th grade teacher Greg Hiemstra is putting some life back into social studies

He said, “We watch lots of videos,we watch CNN student news a lot and with that we’ll answer questions and try to bring it home to parents and have them answer questions, so they can apply it to their lives.”

For many kids, history can sound dull, but because of Mr. Hiemstra, his student are starting to appreciate it.

7th Grader Tyler Nielsen said, “Down at the Elementary it was pretty boring , but here it’s pretty fun.>

Mr. Hiemstra is making sure his students understand government, politics, and world history, but he’s also able to relate to them.

Sometimes students don’t have it great at home, so if they can come to school and have a positive day, then it can make all the difference.”

And because of that, he’s definitely earned their trust.

“I just love the goofiness of 12-14 year olds. You never know what is gonna happen, what’s gonna be said, and that’s probably the best part of the day.”

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