New sculptures are coming to town

Mason City sculptures removed

MASON CITY, Iowa – Sculptures that used to scatter the streets of downtown Mason City have been removed from their posts.

While the street might look bare for just a little while, officials with ‘Sculptures on Parade’ say that the streets won’t be bare for long and that the removal of the sculptures is to make way for new art around town.

All 25 sculptures have been taken down and will be brought to Sioux Falls this weekend for an artist swap and exchange and Megan Steinberg says that while it was a morning of mixed emotions seeing the sculptures go, she’s excited for what is in store next.

“We think that it’s great that we’re to be getting new pieces,” Steinberg says, “that was the whole goal of the program, is to change out the art on a regular basis.”

Many of the sculptures from the 2013 “parade” have been purchased by businesses and local families in area.

One buyer tells us that while many of the sculptures won’t be seen by the general public again, some are expected to pop up in various places around town.

For Steinberg, seeing how much the community has become attached to some of the art has made this project worthwhile.

“We have some artists that are actually from Iowa, and then there are artists from all across the United States that partake in this sculpture network,” she says, “we feel privileged that it gives us the opportunity to bring his quality of art to Mason city.”

Many of the statues can weigh anywhere from 100 to 400 pounds, so the removal process proved to be tricky for crews with the Mason City operations department, but we’re told all of the statues were successfully removed and are packed and ready to head west.

25 new sculptures will be brought back from the convention this weekend and officials are hoping to have all of the new art on display by the beginning of May.

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