Prepping your home for the season


MASON CITY, Iowa – While it’s warm enough to get spring chores done, it’s not quite warm enough for homeowners to turn on their air conditioners, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t check them.

“I wait until I can’t stand the heat. I wait until it’s about 80 or 90 degrees. otherwise I like to be outside sitting on the deck,” said Dorothy Lumley of Mason City.

“I usually don’t turn mine on until it’s really hot during the summer. This sort of weather, it’s about to the point where having a window open is nice. We can get a good breeze going through your apartment or home,” said Andrew Olson of Mason City.

Ok, so even though the temperature is still relatively mild, those with Johnson Heating and Air Conditioning say this is the best time to get out and prepare your system for when you really need it.

“The cleaner the unit is, the more energy-efficient, the better it’s going to run, the easier it’s going to run and the easier it’s gonna keep your house cooled for the long summer,” said Tony Johnson of Johnson Heating and Air Conditioning.

As an experienced technician, Tony repairs systems and says the biggest issues are the ones we often don’t notice.

“Don’t blow your lawn clippings into your air conditioner. Down here what you will find is the first foot of the coils they call it on your air-conditioner actually get full of grass clippings and that’s the number one problem we find along with a lot of cottonwood here in mason city,” said Johnson.

Even if you live in an apartment, there are still ways you can maintain your system to help it run as efficiently as possible.

“Your air conditioner cools your home with your furnace’s help. The blower on your furnace is what gets the air conditioning in home so your filter in your furnace is as important in the summer or almost more important in the summer as it is in the winter because heat rises, cooling does not,” said Johnson.

It may seem simple enough, but it can make all the difference this season in staying cool when the heat comes.

Another thing Tony says we should keep an eye on is how often we leave our systems running.

He says even though it’s tempting to open our windows at night after the A/C has been running, it only makes the A/C work harder the next time you need it to pull the moisture from the air.

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