Recommendations for semi-truck safety


CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – Driving along semi-trucks can be intimidating but new recommendations are helping to make these encounters less risky.

The National Transportation Safety Board is introducing seven recommendations to the National Highway Safety Administration, based on a recent safety study.

Each year, 500 traffic deaths are linked to vehicles that come into contact with the semi’s side underride.

NTSB officials believe by putting protection on that part of the semi-truck, at least one dangerous hazard will be eliminated.

“It’s up to the driver of the car to make sure that he spends his little time in those areas possible and of course up to the driver of the truck to keep an eye on those vehicles and make sure that when he changes planes and turns to an intersection, he doesn’t have a vehicle in his blind spot,” said Trooper Greg Salier with Iowa State Patrol.

NTSB also recommends that NHTSA add information on trailer model year and trailer vehicle identification numbers to it’s national database of fatal crashes and encourage states to add trailer information to their crash databases.

“The blind spots, there are a number of them. The most critical are right up behind the trailer and right along the passenger side of the truck, specifically next to the areas where the truck driver has either reduced ability to see you for no ability to see you at all,” said Trooper Salier.

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