Thanking those who volunteer

Mayo Volunteer Recognition

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Volunteers often say they get more than they give, and this week many around the country are getting recognition.

Wednesday the Mayo Clinic took part in the “National Volunteer Week” festivities.

They honored 500 of their 1,600 hundred plus volunteers. They had some lunch and heard from stress expert and Mayo Doctor Amit Sood.

The volunteers help with everything from working the gift shops to transporting patients and acting as surgical messengers.

“Give them updates and when surgery’s finished, help take the families down to talk to the surgeons. It’s very gratifying because they’re worried about their loved one and they’re so thankful that they have a volunteer that would do this,” said Darlene Voeltz, President-Elect for the St. Mary’s Hospital Volunteers.

But it is not often that they are all together at the same time.

“It’s the only time during the year that we all meet together and you get a sense of how many people dedicate their time to Rochester’s Mayo campus,” Voeltz said.

She said Wednesday’s topic on stress relief is one that all of them can appreciate.

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