Tractor safety first


OSAGE, Iowa – Now that spring is here, farmers are checking over their farm equipment to make sure it’s in tip top shape.

One local farmer says as the years have passed, more safety measures have been added to farm equipment.

Wayne Fredericks from Osage has seen a lot through his years in farming, and one thing that he sees that just keeps changing is his good old farm equipment.

His first tractor from the 50’s is one that was barely equipped with any type of safety equipment, but for him, that wasn’t much of a concern.

“No we grew up with it so I guess you didn’t worry about it a time,” said Fredericks.

Fredericks says that state of mind changed through the years.

This tractor was built back in the 60’s and manufacturers slowly started to make some small improvements.

Again not much different the safety equipment from a generation earlier other than a wide front end on this tractor.

Then laws changed, and required that seatbelts and the roll-over protective structure had to be installed in tractors.

Luckily for Fredericks, he’s never had to deal with a rollover happening but he’s happy to see the safety improvements being made in his line of work.

“It comes naturally I feel,” said Fredericks.

Even a local sale yard that auctions off tractors makes sure safety is first.

Those at Gilbert’s Sale Yard say safety is always one of their first priorities when it comes to looking over the equipment before they sell it.

Both Fredericks and those at Gilbert’s Sale Yard agree that the slow moving vehicle sign has been one of the best changes made in farming history.

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