Warmer weather is finally here

Warm weather is back!

KIMT News 3 – Wednesday has been declared by everyone here at KIMT News 3 as the nicest day of the year so far.

Many people were able to get out and take advantage of the warm up and that includes golfers teeing off at Bear Creek Golf Course in Forest City.

“It was a short round,” says Waldorf College golfer David Orourke, “we didn’t play much, but we made a couple pars and got lucky on a couple of holes.”

While players like Orourke are happy to finally be teeing off, course officials are saying that now that things have finally opened up, they’re just keeping their fingers crossed for more beautiful days.

“It’s all very dependent on the weather,” says Bear Creek Bar Manager, “last year, we weren’t officially open consistently until May.”

Right now, only the back nine holes are available for golfers, but crews were working hard all day to have the complete course up and running.

These warm temperatures are hopefully here to stay, and many tell us that days like this always seem to be a sure sign of things to come.

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