Reaction to Anti-Bullying law

Empty Classroom

KIMT NEWS 3 – A controversial anti-bullying bill was signed into law yesterday in Saint Paul, and after hours of debate between Minnesota lawmakers talk is now focused on if the law will be effective.

Alicanne Fritz from Austin has been an outspoken voice against the safe and supportive schools act.

But now, the anti-bullying bill is law.

“It’s not necessary but a few that have failed in the state has now caused this reaction and I think it’s an over reaction,” said Fritz.

Fritz is a parent and daycare provider so she has been doing her best to stay in the loop when it comes to the details of the law.

What she is not ok with, is some of the curriculum that comes along with the legislation, so now she feels it’s her duty to speak out against the parts she doesn’t agree with.

“My role is to inform parents in my community about what the curriculum possibilities are I would like to organize a committee to review that as parents,” said Fritz.

But there are others who are for it.

Take Vangie Castro for instance.

She’s been on the Governor’s task force for this law and is also a Youth Education Provider for the Diversity Council in Rochester.

Castro was there on Wednesday when the bill was signed into law.

“There is kind of this mentality this bill somehow gives different groups of students special rights when all it really does is gives students tools to be able to protect themselves,” said Castro.

What they can both agree on, is that they will continue to be involved in this state “Of course its a really surreal feeling that you can do that you can be a part of something big as statewide and as big as that,” said Castro.

“I’ve heard so many times that it doesn’t matter, my voice doesn’t matter and it does and so we going to go forward,” said Fritz.

This law will be in effect starting in the 2014-15 school year.

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