Spring workout preps


MASON CITY, Iowa – If you’re working to get back into the gym or get some outdoor exercise now that it’s spring, some experts say you may want to take it easy.

With the long winter now behind us, many may consider getting out of their homes and back into the gym but physical trainers say they often see more folks getting injured by simply jumping into a heavy workout.

They say while they appreciate the enthusiasm, it’s important to work your way into your workouts.

“You’ve got to find yourself a fitness center, get up and you just got to take that step and walk through the door. The hardest part is walking through the door. Once you do, those professionals will help you get on the right track, look at your levels and build a plan for you,” said Jake Prazak, NIP Fitness.

Training outdoors in natural light, changing scenery and varied terrain, tends to be more engaging and mentally stimulating than training indoors so for those taking their running from the treadmill to the outdoors, the same rules apply.

Start slow and limit your mileage to avoid injuries.

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