Possible changes to the school calendar


AUSTIN, Minn. –  School calendars are on the homework assignment list for some in Southern Minnesota. The Austin Public School District has put together a group of nearly 50 volunteers to research different options for the school calendar.

Sumner Elementary currently uses a year-round calendar  with 45 days on and 15 days off. Now, leaders want to find out if that type of schedule or different calendar changes may benefit the other schools in the district.

“Does this make sense? Are there improvements that could be had? Or is it something that we’ll leave at the site to site basis depends upon the individual contexts? So those are some questions that we’re going to have to look at and explore,” said John Alberts, the district’s Director of Curriculum.

The group will have a few organizational meetings this spring and will begin the research in the fall. They’ll eventually present a recommendation to the school board.

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