“Giving Your Best” family fair fun

MASON CITY, Iowa – It was another successful year for our “Giving Your Best Family Fair” at the North Iowa Event Center.

KIMT along with our “Giving Your Best” partners First Citizens National Bank and Diamond Jo Casino hosted the annual event and families from all over came to enjoy the fun.

The Seidel’s from Mason City were one of the many families spending their Saturday afternoon at the fair.

“We come to it every year,” says mother Alicia Seidel, “it’s something different, it will be indoors and the kids can run around and have fun.”

While it is always a good time, the fair is not just about having fun, it’s also focused on emphasizing the importance of giving back to the community.

Sydney Crippen, a coordinator for Family Connections in Mason City, was in charge of one of the many booths set up at Saturday’s event.

She says their goal for the day, like many other vendors, is to raise awareness about what they do and let people know how important it is to give back and help others

“We are a nonprofit so we always want to do things to help the community, we’re really trying to spread awareness about that and we want to make sure that people know where there to help them.”

Organization from across the area set up shop to meet with the public and to raise awareness about their efforts to give back in the community.

The Giving Your Best program has been around at KIMT News 3 since 1997.

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