Prom spending down this year


Formal wear shops in our area have a busy couple of weeks ahead of them as prom season gets underway.

But students may be reining in their prom spending this year.

According to a survey put out by Visa, teens plan to spend an average of $987 on the event this year.

And that’s down from nearly $1,500 last year.

We visited a formal wear shop in Austin to see what the average teen in our area is spending on a prom dress.

“I would say around $300-400 that’s pretty standard, although we have dresses that start at $198 and go up to a little over $500,” says Marie Fryer, owner of Belles & Beaus.

She says that business is actually up for the formal wear shop.

She says if teens are cutting back on spending they’re not doing so when it comes to their prom outfits.

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