Staying safe throughout the spring

Fire safety for the spring

MASON CITY, Iowa – There have been a number of fires across our area in the last couple of weeks.

Some of the blazes only caused minor damage with a big scare to those involved, while others were fatal.

Lt. Dustin Pillard with the Mason City Fire Department says that it’s always important to use caution when cooking for burning brush but, it’s especially important to be extra careful this time of year as weather can play a big role in how big a flame can get.

“The way our wind volume is up here, and how it can vary so greatly, it’s just something that you really need to use common sense and maintain a watchful eye.”

While the rain we saw on Saturday was helpful in adding extra moisture to the ground, Pillard says it only goes so far in combating the wind.

He says that, “the wind is the biggest factor, the rain will dampen it down a little bit, but with the wind that we have up here, it is going to dry it out pretty quickly unless the rain continues.”

Spring cleaning and outdoor grilling are popular activities for this time of year, and while Mason City fire officials wouldn’t want to keep anyone from doing those thing, they are asking everyone to just be cautious about your surroundings.

Officials suggest keeping your grills away from decks, fences and your garage, and having access to a phone so you can call in authorities is the flame ever gets out of control.

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