Celebrating architecture statewide

MASON CITY, Iowa – Thanks to Gov. Branstad, April is now recognized as architecture awareness month in Iowa.

This recognition is especially significant in north Iowa as the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright can be seen nearly everywhere.

Debra Rockey is a guest one of the many guests that enjoys staying at the Historic Park Inn in Mason City, and she says that even though she doesn’t know a whole lot about architecture, she certainly appreciates it.

“There’s something about a good design that you don’t have to understand it, you feel it, and I think that’s what’s going on at this place,” she says.

Between the Historic Park Inn and the Stockman House museum, many folks in town are already aware of what is around them, but thanks to the current facade project going on in downtown, there is about to be much more.

Scott Smed with Bergland and Cram, an architecture firm in Mason City, says that the main goal of the project is to uncover and bring back some of the historic charm to buildings in town, since so much of it has been covered up or lost over the years.

“We’ve taken everything from the time these buildings were built and going off into the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and taking a look at the different changes that of been made overtime,” he says.

So far, he has heard nothing but positive things about the work being done to the long-standing buildings, and he’s hopeful that the renovation will help revive the area and remind everyone of how special some of the buildings are.

Renovations and final touches on the facade project in downtown mason city are expected to be complete by summer.

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