Foreign exchange teacher

Fulbright Teacher

ALBERT LEA, Minn. — Some area fourth graders are getting a little help from across the pond.

The Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program had been in place for nearly 70 years. Even though a lack of funding cancelled it, that did not stop David Goodchild and six other teachers from the United Kingdom to come to the U.S.

They are learning more about the U.S. education system at the state and federal levels.

“Looking at the differences and the similarities between the U.K. education system and the U.S. education system and seeing what you’ve got right here and what’s working well and what we need to do over in the U.K. and hopefully to bring over one or two ideas from the U.K. that can be implemented here,” said David Goodchild, a fourth grade teacher from the U.K.

They will be helping out in classrooms like Goodchild is at Lakeview Elementary for the next week and he said they are a little bit different than the ones back home.

“We have the teachers, maybe a janitor and a head teacher, but we just don’t have the resources that they have on site here with the work with social services and the work with the autism team, it’s just, to have it all on site and to have it all at hand is just fantastic and I’m very jealous of the facility,” Goodchild said.

Typically teachers from the U.S. would literally trade places with the teachers from the U.K. for a whole school year, but the U.S. Embassy in London could only fund the teachers to come over here for two weeks.

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