Former fire station is transformed for police

Fire station converted to police department

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – Clear Lake Police officials will be reporting to a new building by October thanks to a major renovation.

The building formally used as the Clear Lake Fire Department that is attached to the police station is being transformed into a new space for police officials.

The $1.14 million dollar project is expected to nearly double the space for the police department and will include new storage space for evidence and weapons, officer locker rooms, interview rooms and a new area for booking criminals.

It’s a major project, but Chief Rex McChesney says it’s necessary and something that has been a long time coming.

“The department here was 1969 I think was when it was built so we just kind of outgrew it and so we’re moving over there next so it’s going to be exciting for us.”

Crews with King Construction in Clear Lake have already begun to transform the old building, and officials say they’re excited to see how things are coming together.

However, Clear Lake officials aren’t the only ones seeing some noticeable changes.

The Ventura Protection Association has been working with city officials to come to an agreement about protection for the Clear Lake Township.

After much discussion, they have announced that the protection association will cover incidents that take place in the western half of the area.

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