Getting paid to recycle

Coca-Cola Cases

KIMT News 3 — It has been years since Minnesota rewarded you for recycling glass bottles. Now they are looking to bring it back, but with more options.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has been working to gather information on a beverage container deposit system.

The idea would be a lot like Iowa’s system where you pay the deposit in the upfront cost, but get it back if you take it to a redemption center.

Unlike Iowa’s five cent deposit, they would like to make it ten cents.

“It’s been working in Iowa for years and years and something that Minnesota could benefit from. Every day in Minnesota, there’s enough aluminum cans and plastic bottles that go into landfills that aren’t recycled to stretch from basically the Twin Cities to Chicago,” said Conservation Minnesota Executive Director Paul Austin.

He said they would hope to put redemption centers in retail locations so they are convenient to get to.

“If you put your recycle materials into your curbside recycling, then your community that picks up your garbage would be able to redeem the ten cents,” Austin said.

They are getting opinions of government agencies and residents before drawing up the bill. They would like to introduce it next legislative session.

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