Jail gets final inspection


CHARLES CITY, Iowa – Following a poor grade from last year’s report on the Floyd County Jail, the lead inspector on the case pays them a visit.

Iowa Chief Jail Inspector, Delbert Longely is following up on a report from October which read that the jail “does not meet the current needs of the staff or the public.”

“One of the first things I look at is the cleanliness of the facility and Floyd County does a very good job of keeping the facility clean. Number two, age of the facility has a lot to do with what I find is conducive to staff safety, prisoner safety and safety of the public,” said Longley.

The Floyd County jail has faced scrutiny for some time, but after today’s tour a consensus was made that the jail itself is not far off from the short-term goals.

“He was very open to some minor things that didn’t functionally change the jail or change things but made it better for us,” said Roy Schwickerath, Floyd County Supervisor Board Member.

Delbert acknowledges Floyd County’s effort to add more security cameras around the facility.

There is concern about the access some inmates may have to certain areas but Longley is confident that the changes can be made.

“There’s always something they can change that are going to be minor and yet will be more safe and more secure for everyone involved,” said Longley.

Starting in July, the Floyd County jail will be sending inmates to the newer Mitchell County jail but will still use their facility as a temporary holding place.

County officials say the move may save the county $100,000 each year in costs.

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