Local man buys school


CRYSTAL LAKE, Iowa – It’s not exactly hot property you would think.

But an old school building in North Iowa is getting a second chance.

It’s all thanks to 2,000 dollars and a man with a vision.

Bruce Kluver from Crystal Lake is planning to buy the old Crystal LakeHigh School building.

And he is doing that, so he can give back to his community.

The actual structure is still part of the forest city school district.

So the school board has to approve all the details.

But so far they seem to like the plan.

Kluver wants to continue to let the district and WaldorfCollege use the gym but it will be open to others.

“I think it’s really neat that we’re going to keep the kids from ForestCity over and practices and community center we’re hoping to get the community on board wedding reception stuff like that for the community,” said Kluver.

The Forest City School Board had a hearing on the proposed sale Monday night.

However, it won’t be final until May.

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