Tax Day is here

Tax day is among us

MASON CITY, Iowa – It’s the final push to get everything squared away with taxes and folks everywhere were heading to their area posts offices to get things sent off.

According to IRS records, only 43 million people filed their taxes by mail last year, which shouldn’t be too surprising given the amount online resources available for tax payers.

Mason City resident Richard Peterson was one of the many in line at the post office today, but not for the reason everyone else was.

Unlike some of his neighbors in town, Peterson says he filed his return right away.

“Well you know the quicker you get it done, it’s better for you and it’s better for everybody else.”

Peterson was not the only one with this idea.

As the postmaster for the Mason City Post Office, Scott Pardoe knows better than to wait until the last day.

He has seen his fair share of tax days and over the year he’s noticed a trend about the tardy tax filers.

“I suppose it’s a relief to get it done but the customers that come in this late it’s because they’re having to actually pay money or not getting the refund.”

However, that’s not the only change he’s seen since more and more online tax aids and e-filing are taking away the mail’s market share.

“The lines used to be out the door, which is crazy,” he says.

Because of all of the online options for filing taxes, the lines weren’t as long as they have been in other years, however Pardoe believes that no matter how tech savvy things get, lines at the drop-off will continue to be the scene every year.

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