A look inside MCPD’s new Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle

Here at KIMT we like to reach out to our viewers in many ways, including Facebook and sometimes our posts, generate a lot of talk.

For example, we shared a story with you last Friday about an armored vehicle that’s now in Mason City. The post has 185 shares and 136 comments, it’s a talker.

So we wanted to do some talking, to the agency that’s using this equipment and get some of our questions answered.

It’s called a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle or MRAP.

“Whether this is just enough or people think it’s way too much, for the price, why not,” Police Chief

The police rescue vehicle was recently acquired by the Mason City Police Department through a 1033 military program.

“The Department of Defense, when they have equipment and so forth that the military uses that they no longer need or want to retire out, those types of equipment are made available to law enforcement agencies,” says Lashbrook.

MCPD applied and was one of 5 agencies in Iowa that received an MRAP.

There are still many questions from the community surrounding the military vehicle, like, what does it cost?

“Department of Defense, it’s their property, it’s on loan to us, if the time comes that they want it back, they’re definitely going to get it back so it was zero cost to us.”

The diesel-powered vehicle will likely rack up some maintenance costs over time.

But the Chief says the vehicle won’t be out and about very often, which brings us to the next concern.

Many people are wondering why a vehicle like this made its way to north Iowa.

“For the most part the vehicle is going to be used for high risk situations, barricaded subjects, active shooter situations things where our officers are going to need protection from these types of persons this will definitely afford us that type of protection,” says Chief Lashbrook.

Many people are sounding off on social media saying the vehicle is “overkill” and “not necessary” but Chief Lashbrook says they’re just trying to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

“I think anybody that pays attention to what’s going on in this country and that police officers are getting involved in high risk incidents that there are more people out there that want to do us harm and others harm.”

The MRAP is not strictly for Mason City operations though, it will be used throughout a 9 county area.

The plan is to use it along side the special operations group, they work with the North Central Iowa Drug Task Force.

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