Beef prices continue to climb

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – Beef prices are sky-rocketing and are among the highest we’ve seen in more than 20 years.

The lack of cattle ready for production as well the price of feed is causing prices to balloon to an average of $3.55 per pound.

That’s a 56 percent increase since 20-10. A record even when taking into account inflation.

One area butcher says he’s working to find alternatives for customers as everyone copes with the change.

“People will be looking forward to other alternatives other than beef or pork. They will be looking at pizzas, every different aspect of the food industry and later it’s going to raise the prices of everything,” said Louie Covillo, Louie’s Custom Meats, Owner.

According to the USDA, drought conditions throughout the southern states are causing a shortage of major resources only adding to the stress on beef producers and our economy.

“Just ask your butcher what’s the best price and just look for the deals in the paper or on Facebook. It’s a trying time for us too because we’ve never seen these prices before,” said Covillo.

Louie also reminds us to expect to see anywhere from a two to three percent increase in grocery expenses as other foods raise their prices to meet the demand of people searching for alternatives.

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