Digging on development site sparks curiosity

Solving the digging mystery in Clear Lake

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – There is still a lot of secrecy about what fortune 100 business will be moving into Clear Lake and the curiosity continued as constructions crews moved onto the site.

Crews began digging a couple of days ago however, what might have looked like a ground breaking step in the development of this major company, was only a sliver of the work planning on being done.

City officials in Clear Lake say that folks will definitely know when things really get going as we’re told that nothing of significance will begin until after plans are brought to the planning and zoning commission meeting scheduled for Tuesday night.

“Currently, it’s just very incidental site work,” says City Administrator Scott Flory, “we know that there were some reports that site activity had already taken place, and that is certainly not true at all.”

The planning and zoning commission will look at all of the plans for the site and will decide on what plans and layouts will be suitable for a project of this size.

According to Flory, Windmill Realty LLC is the current partner working to develop this land, however following tonight’s meeting they plan to work toward establishing a more permanent occupant.

Construction is then estimated to take 12 to 18 months, and city officials are saying they hope to have things up and running by march of 2015.

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