Google Glass launches for public


KIMT News 3 – Some are calling it one of the most revolutionary devices of our time, and it launches for the public today.

The Google Glass is a wearable computer device that resembles a pair of glasses, but instead of lenses, images project anything from recipes to directions.

Since it’s first introduction, doctors and physicians have used the tool as a way to better aid in surgery and technical work, but according to area technicians, there are many more practical uses for the public.

“These I think are pretty interesting because it allows you to free up your hands so you’re able to actually do the things while, lets say you need directions somewhere or while you’re cooking and you need a recipe of something like that,” said Phil Biermann, Iowa Cell Phone Repair and Repair, Owner.

While Biermann says there are several pros he can think of, one of the major cons is the price.

The Google Glass retails for $1,500 plus taxes.

There is a limited supply being sold and for the moment and you can only find the glasses online through Google.

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