Stepping up for Boston

Kalyn Kruckenberg

KIMT News 3 – Exactly one year ago, a renowned race became more than just 26.2 miles.

Terrorists fixed the Boston Marathon finish line area with powerful explosives

Three people died and more than 260 others were hurt in the bomb blasts.

But on this day, folks across the nation and here at home are choosing to take steps forward.

Mason City resident Kalyn Kruckenberg’s passion for running is one that show’s from head to toe.

Through out her life she’s been running meets and marathons around the area, but now she’s on to conquering something completely new.

The BostonMarathon.

“Running it’s always been a part of my life and I mean this is the marathon of all marathons. I think everybody who runs marathons this is a goal for them and I’m just so excited to finally be doing it,” said Kalyn.

And she knows this year’s race will have a lot of eyes on it as the city of Boston as well as the runners look to show the world how strong the city really is.

For Kalyn, remembering what happened a year ago, confirms why she really wants to run.

“My heart instantly went out to all those runners because its supposed to be a really fun, exciting day where all runners celebrate just the joy of running, unfortunately it was just ruined,” said Kalyn.

And its not just runners remembering, Steve Stallsmith from CharlesCity was there supporting his son last year, when his family trip took an unexpected turn.

Luckily, his son had already crossed the finish line after the bombs went off.

He and his family were in their hotel when they got the news.

“We’re thinking about it right, yeah, you think about where you were when it happened, what could have been,” said Stallsmith.

When asked what he hopes those going this year bring to the race, Stallsmith’s answer is simple.

“It was just a good that they were all there for one common thing, it was to get together, run, and share those types of things. I think that’s what the Boston Marathon is, it’s a lot of getting people together in a peaceful manner,” said Stallsmith.

And that’s exactly what first time marathon runner, Kalyn, is hoping to experience.

“I just want to enjoy every step of the way. I mean Boston is strong and everybody is going to prove it,” said Kalyn.

Kalyn leaves Friday for the marathon.

The race takes place Monday April 21st.

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