Trails close due to weather

Trail Closures

KIMT News 3 — Wet ground from rain and melting snow comes with the season and that means area recreation trails must close with it.

The Minnesota DNR has temporarily closed trails like the one at Fugles Mill south of Rochester. They do it to keep heavy vehicles and ATVs off of the paths which tend to ruin them.

They are asking that you use good judgment and do not go past the road closed signs.

“It helps protect our road from damage. It costs a lot of money to maintain these roads and when they get damaged that’s taxpayer money that gets used to fix them again,” said Assistant Area Forest Supervisor Kurt Hinz.

Not to mention it is not safe.

“It just really slows down our work and it can be dangerous too for the public to be on the roads when they’re in poor conditions,” Hinz said.

He said that the trails are still open to foot traffic. Each location is different so he suggests calling your area office or the information office in St. Paul before heading out. The toll free number is 1-888-MINNDNR (646-6367). You can also find trail conditions on the DNR’s website.

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