Voting issues being addressed

Election issues

KIMT News 3 – There have been some concerns with voting since the 2012 election in Iowa.

New reports from the Iowa Secretary of State’s office say that there is a new list of nine ballots that were wrongfully rejected during the election.

Cerro Gordo County auditor Ken Kline says that alerting people of this issue is one of the toughest parts of his job and it’s something that he has had to do this a number of times over the past couple of years.

There were three folks in Cerro Gordo County who had their ballots rejected because their names were listed on a state list of felons however, this accusation was completely wrong.

Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz, the man in charge of the state’s elections, says that after three were rejected in Cerro Gordo, it prompted him to take action.

“We did a statewide search and found out that there were nine other instances,” he says, “we were able to restore these people’s voting rights and put a system in place to make sure that this never happens again.”

However, an issue with registration is not the only concern with voting these days.

According to county auditors like Ken Kline, there is a growing concern surrounding absentee ballots.

Schultz says that right now, absentee ballots are accepted during a small window of time after the polls close, but only if the postmark on the envelope is dated prior to the Election Day.

Kline is hoping to work with lawmakers to establish a new law that says that if a ballot is late, it’s late and it won’t be counted.

Officials like Schultz and Kline are choosing to tackle this problem now before it has an impact on bigger elections like this year’s race for governor.

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