Cleaning up downtown Britt

Downtown Britt

BRITT, Iowa – It’s spring of course, and we are starting to see some green grass across the area.

But with less snow new problems are revealed.

And one local community is asking the public to clean up.

In Britt, dog owners have not been following all the rules.

Some are not cleaning up after their dogs.

Now the Britt council members are involved.

They’re asking the public to keep the city ordinance in mind, and that cleaning up after your pets in public, is required.

“Main street is our, where we have our celebrations, our hobo days and things like that this is about one of the last things you want to present to your public when they’re here,” said City Council Member Dwight Leerar.

Meanwhile, the city council is still trying to figure out how they’re going to clean up the messes, left behind by the dogs.

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