Governor Branstad on agriculture and allegations


HANLONTOWN, IA – This week Governor Branstad and Lieutenant Governor Reynolds are touring across Iowa in an effort to speak with businesses and folks about issues important to them.

Tim Voegele is the Regional Vice President for POET Biorefining.

He was excited to host Governor Branstad’s visit yesterday as they share a similar passion, agriculture.

“Very fortunate to have him give us an opportunity to visit with him about you know our concerns in the ethanol industry,” says Voegele.

“I grew up on a farm so we raised corn and I have a brother that does business here that raises corn sells that here at this ethanol plant,” says Branstad.

Voegele says it’s good to know that our state’s leader shares the same priorities as his company.

“This is an agricultural state and what we do that directly ties to agriculture, corn DEG’s the livelihood of our local producers it’s just awesome knowing that he’s got our back,” comments Voegele.

But after a few recent allegations, some Iowa folks are questioning if Branstad really does have our backs. We asked him why residents should trust him with another term.

“We sincerely want to do the very best job to serve the needs of the people of Iowa and I’m very proud of the record we have during the campaign we will lay out additional goals that we have to build an even brighter future,” replies Branstad.

He also says he’s working to ensure these confidentiality agreements will be come to an end.

“I’m very proud that we have set a precedent for open, accessible government and when we find that some people have not followed that that they agreed to confidentiality this violates the commitment we’ve made to the people of Iowa. I’ve signed an executive order to prevent that from ever happening again and I have dismissed a department head who shirt me that didn’t happen and then we found out that it had,” says Branstad.

But the governor says what he is more concerned about, while traveling county to county, is public policy. And those at POET Biorefining could not be happier that he chose to tour their facility.

“It was just a great opportunity to have him here, show him one of our core facilities I believe the second facility in the state of Iowa, it was wonderful to have an on-site,” says Voegele.

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