WCDA grants wishes

WCDA grants

NORTHWOOD, Iowa – What would you do with more than 800,000 dollars?

Answering that question is the task in Worth County as the development authority decides who gets the county’s share of the funds from Diamond Jo Casino.

And we can tell you, no two projects are alike.

From new statues to better emergency services, there’s a little bit of everything.

It’s a celebratory day for those at Worth County Sheriff’s Office.

And for 9-1-1 Commissioner Marilyn Stayner, it’s been a long day coming.

“I want to write grants so that I wouldn’t have to have the taxpayers pay for it, I mean they got enough to pay for it as is so the more the grants will pay for the less we have to put the burden on the taxpayers,” said Stayner.

And just last night, Stayner received the news that the Worth County Development Authority is granting them more than 56,000 dollars toward a new and improved E 9-1-1 program.

It’s a program mandated now through out the state that enables text messages to go straight to 9-1-1 in case of an emergency where talking can’t be done.

“I was elated actually the E 9-1-1 half of it came from the state of Iowa and WCDA did the rest of it, so I was very elated,” said Stayner.

For those at the WCDA like Deb Hanson, hearing and seeing folks’ reaction to the news of getting the grant money they asked for is priceless.

“My favorite part is the awards night and actually it’s the lesser amount of grants dollar wise that those organizations are so excited,” said Hanson.

Hanson says from little to big projects the money goes far.

“I think it’s because rural north Iowa there isn’t a lot of extra funds whether its churches, or armed forces, veterans or VFW there is not a lot of money out there. I think I feel so fortunate to get a grant,” said Hanson.

“It’s nice to have them here. They’ve really helped us out a lot they help lot organizations out,” said Stayner.

The Sheriff’s Office also received money for new vests.

So far, about 29 million dollars has been awarded since 2003.

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