Thinking of giving a bunny or chick for an Easter gift? Read this first


Easter Sunday is almost here, so you can expect to see lots of Easter baskets and candy.

But there might be some who are feeling creative, and might want to give a real chick or bunny.

But animal welfare organizations are asking those folks to think twice.

The House Rabbit Society, which is a non-profit rabbit rescue organization, is trying to spread the word this Easter season that rabbits and chicks are not disposable pets.

We spoke to a local humane society who says a lot of thought should go into any kind of pet you adopt.

“You need to be apart of this pets life for the remainder of their life and a bunny rabbit can live to be 7-10 years. Domestic bunnies are different than the rabbits that you see outside so it’s not an alternative to release a bunny like this into the wild,” says Humane Society of North Iowa Director, Sybil Soukup.

She says that goes for chicks as well and that many homes do not have the proper accommodations to be able to raise a chicken.

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