Workplace threat training


PRESTON, Minn. – County employees in our area are getting a lesson in how to deal with potential threats in the workplace.

Kristina Kohn works as a Human Resources officer for Fillmore County and while her job may not sound very daring, she still felt it was in her best interest to learn how to handle potential workplace threats.

“I was real excited that the Minnesota Sheriff’s Association had seen the need and had created training, because there’s nothing like it out there,” said Kohn.

Everyone from DMV employees to auditors were in attendance as they learn how to face hostility both verbally and if provoked, physically as well.

While the details of the training are considered classified information, law enforcement say it’s designed to give employees the ability to de-escalate any threats they may face.

“Working in government and being in those situations where people do come in contact with us for different reasons, be it social services who is dealing with people in somewhat stressful situations, to some of the other roles that our county employees have. I think it’s important to be proactive and train our people. Give them some tools to be able to deal with these situations,” said Capt. John DeGeorge with the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office.

the enhanced awareness is not only meant for the workplace but in your everyday lives as well.
when asked if any county employees did not lock their doors when leaving for work, several raised their hands.

While it may sound obvious enough, Kristina says it’s these small things that even those in small communities should consider.

“It was just a real wake-up call and I mean I’m one of those that in the past had not locked and will definitely lock my doors now. We know things can happen here but in the very far back of our heads. To really believe it will happen here, I think that’s where the difference came in the class,” said Kohn.

For security purposes, the instructor of the meeting asked not to be shown on camera, but he says the training is designed for anyone who deals with the public.

He goes on to say that it’s necessary, because of more recent hostility we’ve seen in workplaces around the country.

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