Landlord registration inches closer


AUSTIN, Minn. – An area city council vote looks to help protect tenants through the renting process.

The Austin City Council voted 5-2 earlier this week to explore the option of requiring all landlords and rental property owners to register with the city.

In order to be certified with the city, a property owners would have to pass a mandatory educational program on the owner and tenant’s rights.

Repeat offenders would be subject to penalties that could result in several hundred dollars in fines.

“There are times where we get into units that don’t have smoke detectors they don’t have carbon monoxide detectors there is a fire extinguishers there might be in adequate exiting from a property and those things are really important,” said Craig Hoium, City of Austin Community Development Director.

The proposal is still in the early stages as a draft, but Craig says he believes they should have something concrete soon to begin the registration process.

“We probably received about 600 complaints on property. Sometimes they’re housing code violations, sometimes they’re land-use violations, but I think that will give staff with another tool to try to cut some of those problems,” said Hoium.

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