Mason City aims to go-green with creation of the “Green Team”


MASON CITY, Iowa – In an effort to be “more green” the city of Mason City is looking to make some changes to the vehicle fleet, including how they fuel their vehicles.

The city council approved authorizing a Green Team.

It will be a group city staff members who come up with a plan to create more energy savings.

One of the potential projects is moving the city’s fleet of vehicles to natural gas instead of traditional fuels.

“The engines, they burn cleaner,  get better gas mileage, and last longer and so those are good things for us. We can typically keep a truck longer, we have less needs for maintenance and that’s a good thing for our community allowing us to stretch our dollar farther,” says City Administrator Brent Trout.

Fueling the city’s vehicles with natural gas is just an idea at this point.

Trout says to make it a reality they would have to get a fueling station within the city limits.

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