An Easter weekend tradition

MASON CITY, Iowa – It’s Good Friday, and Christians around the world are marking Jesus’ crucifixion.

There’s also a local tradition that’s been happening for more than a decade.

Whether they’ve done it for years, or this year’s Good Friday Community Cross walk is their first.

They’re all walking for the same reason to celebrate the meaning of the Easter season.

“It’s also a good time to remember what Jesus did for us and then to be together as a community and have people to celebrate with,” says Maura Barrett who participated in the walk.

Christians young and old gathered to walk a cross around downtown mason city for the annual event.

The group paused along the route to pray, listen to readings and sing.

“What a blessing to have so many different churches gather together in Mason City to focus on what we all share our Savior who saves us,” says Pastor Sid Bohls with St. Paul Lutheran Church.

Throughout the journey, people had the chance to carry the wooden cross, which Pastor Bohls says carries a special meaning.

“The physical experience of bearing the cross can be so meaningful and as we take the time to walk so far, there’s time to reflect and to find all sorts of different meanings that happen within the Stations of the Cross.”

“It’s kind of almost life-changing just getting to see everybody walking down downtown Mason City and singing and just the whole experience is amazing,” says attendee, Aunalea Timple.

“Coming together as a community to celebrate one of the most important holidays in our religion,” adds Katie Lau who also walked.

About 150 people took part in the walk today. They were from 10 different churches.

Pastor Bolhs says it’s one of the largest crowds they’ve ever seen.

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