Pioneer Senator dies

Nelson and Brataas

KIMT News 3 — A groundbreaking woman with the Minnesota Senate died Thursday but is still leaving her mark.

Nancy Brataas was elected to the Senate in 1975 and served 17 years. She was the first woman senator elected for herself into Minnesota.

She was once a smoker and was battling emphysema and COPD and was also in hospice care.

State Sen. Carla Nelson is playing the same role Brataas did a few years down the road, she says thanks to the pioneer.

“She was my advisor my first campaign when I ran for the House of Representatives, she’s been just a great supporter and I watched her. Senator Nancy Brataas was probably one of the first politicians that I ever met,” Nelson said.

When Brataas was elected in the 70s, there was no restroom for female senators.

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