A Return to Roots


The sound of that smooth swing is no stranger to Mason City Country Club.

In fact, it’s the same place almost 19 years ago that swing first started taking form.

“Some of the times I go out there and I remember even when I was 10 years old hitting shots and seeing kind of the trees getting bigger now that I’ve gotten older, and it just brings back memories,” MCCC golf pro Nick Largent said.

Memories like first learning the game from grandpa  to setting the course record at Highland Park.

From age eight to 17, Nick spent his summers in Mason City, mostly on the course, and after leaving to play at New Mexico State then having success as a teacher; Nick’s back in River City as MCCC’s brand new golf pro.

“Nothing beats family,” Largent said. “I haven’t been home in the last 10 years so it’s nice to be able to see my folks, to be able to see my sisters and it’s really good to see some folks who I haven’t seen in so many years.”

But being back with family and friends isn’t the only reason Nick’s excited.

Eager to bring new life to the junior program, Nick wants to help young golfers the same way he was helped as a kid, and it all starts with the swing.

“At Golf Tech where I used to work before that’s all i specifically did,” Largent said. “I taught 2,300 lessons every year.”

The passion for perfect swings starts with some new technology. Armed with apps that help him teach more effectively; Nick’s proof there’s a new breed of golf pro.

“So much has changed from kind of the old pro years ago to kind of the new technology and the new swing and so forth, and I really hope to bring that to Mason City,” Largent said.


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