Easter Sunday family traditions

MASON CITY, IA – It’s Easter Sunday. A day full of tradition for families as adult children return home and kids search for eggs and enjoy treats from the Easter bunny.

One tradition for many families is attending Sunday mass to celebrate what Easter is all about.

For the Orton’s, they get together to celebrate the holiday as a family.

“Ham, twice baked potatoes, plenty of Easter eggs, looking for the Easter baskets,” comments Donna Orton on a few of her family’s traditions.

But why is the holiday celebrated in the first place?

“He has risen, he has risen indeed and so it’s an opportunity to celebrate the resurrection and bringing family together and friends and it’s just a wonderful time of year,” says Orton.

750 people come through the doors of one local church for just one service.

Pastor Dettmer at Trinity Lutheran says it’s nice to see families gathering together for the holiday.

“It’s fun to see adult children home, parents coming to visit their adult children so forth and families gathering. I see people here I haven’t seen for 30 years,” says Dettmer.

So whether your tradition includes church or ham or chocolate bunnies, it’s important to remember what this day is all about.

“Well of course this is the super bowl of church and it celebrates Christ’s resurrection, god shook the earth, everything is different now and that’s our hope and our faith at the center,” adds Dettmer.

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