Crafting crosses for veterans

Crosses for Kanawha veterans

BRITT, Iowa – A local classroom in their area is working on a project that gives back to veterans.

The industrial arts wood shop class at West Hancock High School has been constructing white crosses for fallen veterans that will mark their graves.

The Kanawha American Legion is working with the class to have nearly 250 crosses made to replace old and worn-down crosses currently decorating graves, and for teacher Paul Francis, these crosses mean more than just a community service project.

“I’m a veteran myself,” Francis says, “so I thought it was pretty neat…and when somebody asks you who has actually been there and done it, that’s kind of a neat concept to have our kids serve and give something back to those guys.”

He says that seeing his students put effort into a project like this was a rewarding experience, and students like Kiersten Brazzel say that while it was a lot of work, it was well worth it.

“I felt good about giving back,” she says, “we all had different chores around the shop to make them, put them together, and glue them and stuff, but I feel like in the end it was worth it to be helping out for the cause .”

All of the crosses have been completed and have been transported to a house near the cemetery.

Francis says that the crosses will be put in place once the ground thaws out later on this spring.

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