Driving with caution in rainy conditions

Cautious driving during the spring

KIMT News 3 – It seems like everyone is hopeful that the snow has made its last appearance in our area, but now it’s that time of year where we have to deal with the rain.

Local Iowa State Patrol officials say that drivers tend to get over confident when driving in rainy weather, especially after tackling the tough terrain of the winter months we had this year.

Lt. Dan Schaeffer with the Iowa State Patrol says that, “much like snowy or icy conditions, take your cruise control off and reduce your speed.”

For those who drive for a living like 71-year-old truck driver Eugene Zimmerman, bad weather can mean bad business, but he says he’s a firm believer in being safe rather than sorry.

“If the trucker is smart,” he says, “instead of a dispatcher saying, ‘you got to go,’ park! What’s the big hurry nowadays?”

Understanding what’s around you is not the only thing to be concerned with in these conditions and

Zimmerman says that he is always surprised by how many people he sees plugged in while driving around.

“One day I counted them on Hwy 94 from Minneapolis to Fargo, and 94 cars went by, and 94 people were on their cell phones.”

With spring just getting started, officials say that slowing down, increasing your following distance and changing out your windshield wipers can all help you in the long-run.

Now only are these tactics important to do now, but started them sooner rather than later will help train your brain to handle the rest of the spring season.

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