Spring Showers, Spring Flooding


MASON CITY, Iowa –  Thunderstorms and lightning flashed through the area on Sunday, and the rain didn’t really take a break.

Because of that, some of the storm sewers just couldn’t keep up.

They’re calling these streets the battle zone.

On Sunday afternoon a neighborhood in Gracious Estates had folks out celebrating Easter, but once the clouds rolled in, their events turned.

“Right when the rain hit I’ve got videos on my I-pad on the kids out here literally standing here swimming with my dog,” said Patrick Joyce of Mason City.

But this is nothing new for Joyce.

He says every time it rains, it floods.

“The damage it will bring, I’ve been her for three years and this has been happening for quite sometime since before I lived here,” said Joyce.

Residents of Gracious Estates tell us a main reason for this flooding is storm sewers are not getting properly cleaned out.

“Want to make sure all the storm sewers are cleaned out and flowing correctly and that’s probably the main thing with street flooding we want to make sure its not directly related to storm sewers being plugged which is a possibility,” said Bill Stangler, Street Department Manager, with Mason City.

He says what’s nice is right now they’re not worried about any big flooding at the moment.

It’s just a matter of staying on top of clean up.

“You’re used to it you don’t get overly concerned when it comes to a certain perspective when it comes hard enough you expect to have some issues,” said Stangler.

Issues residents here don’t want to see return:

“I do look forward to the spring rain I like to have a garden and what not in my yard and unfortunately I can’t have that because you’ll see my yard is a sest pool that holds water it does not drain water,” said Joyce.

A maintenance worker at Gracious Estates told us today that they’re working to clear those storm sewers when they can.

Mason City received 2.6 inches of rain.

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