Another destructive bug on the radar

MASON CITY, IA – We have all been hearing about the emerald ash borer posing threats to our ash trees, but there’s another bug on environmentalist’s radar.

The walnut twig beetle.

The destructive bug carries “thousand cankers disease” which is deadly to black walnut trees.

It has yet to hit Iowa and Minnesota but it’s another reason to stray away from moving firewood county to county as this is how the disease and bug travels.

One local expert says while black walnut trees are not the majority, Iowa relies on them for several reasons.

“The thing to think about it, it not only just more lumber and the venires but it’s also the nuts. Black walnuts are an edible and because of that we have to be careful about how we treat these trees because we don’t want people and just take insecticides or fungicides or any of those other kind of things,” says John Sjolinder with the Cerro Gordo ISU Extension Office.

This is why it’s nearly impossible to treat these black walnut trees.

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