Child center will help children facing neglect

Child Center Open House

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Child neglect and abuse are an always occurring problem in our area. More than 600 cases in Olmsted County alone involved those concerns in 2012.

So the Mayo Clinic Child and Family Advocacy Program opened up a center to assist with those cases. It is a facility that multiple agencies can use.

“The idea was to bring all the different agencies together, first of all, so social service, law enforcement, attorneys, everybody, medical, and then once you bring all those folks together you can start helping the kids,” said Medical Director Arne Graff.

Those agencies can use it for many different situations.

“Mostly we’re a resource, the idea is this is an anxiety producing thing for anybody that deals with it, whether you’re a medical doctor or policeman and we can be a resource to help kind of deal with those cases, get the kids in timely,” Graff said.

It is up and running 5 days a week with a 24-hour call center for people like law enforcement or other agencies that could use some suggestions.

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