Earth Day and education

Schools celebrate Earth Day

VENTURA, Iowa – It was a beautiful day to get outside and celebrate Earth Day and one area school did just that.

Students at Ventura Elementary ditched their normal reading and writing to get outside and learn about Mother Nature.

They experimented with solar cookers, cleaned out old school supplies from home to donate to others, and learned all about the importance of going green.

K-8 Ventura Principal Debra Steenhard says that while it’s all fun and games to celebrate Earth Day just today, they wanted to do something more and are dedicating an entire week to the environment.

“It just packs a little bit more of a punch when you can do something for a week instead of just a day,” she says, “and these are some things that we should focus on year round.”

To continue the Earth Day festivities, tomorrow students and staff are going to wear blue and go paperless on Wednesday, swapping out books on Thursday and learning about landfills and recycling on Friday.

The first Earth Day was celebrated back in 1970.

For more information and to see how folks celebrated this national observance, click here.

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