The medical marijuana movement

Medical Marijuana Debate

MASON CITY, Iowa – Some moms are making sure Iowa lawmakers know who they are.

They want to see legislation passed legalizing medical marijuana.

That’s something that’s gotten a lot of attention in other states, but not as much locally.

In Minnesota, Governor Mark Dayton has said he’ll only sign a bill legalizing marijuana in forms that can’t be smoked.

And in Iowa, lawmakers may debate a bill that only allows people to use certain oil that can’t get you high.

For mom Cassie Helland, watching her nine year old son Caleb have seizures can be heart wrenching.

“It’s, I mean, if I could take it all away I would it’s pretty difficult, knowing you can’t do anything about it,” said Helland.

Caleb has intracerebral epilepsy since he’s been three months old.

He’s taken more than eleven different medications, had the biggest nerve simulator implanted in his chest, and has been on a diet on and off.

But it seems it’s just not all working.

“Grand mal seizures he has basically where he, you know sudden death and that’s quite scary for a parent to watch their son have a seizure,” said Helland.

And it’s because of this that this Mason City mom is talking to her local legislators and joining other moms in Des Moines to push for medical marijuana to be legalized.

She would love to see her son be able to use cannabis oil.

She believes it would practically stop Caleb’s seizures without the side effects of traditional medications.

And that’s exactly what State Senator Liz Mathis is hearing as well on the issue.

“You might think we’re trying to legalize marijuana that’s not what it is at all. It’s about medical cannabis oil that children use to relieve their seizures,” said Mathis.

Right now, nothing has been passed in the Iowa House and Senate with this bill.

But State Senator Mathis says what’s incredible is the movement it’s had this session.

“I’ve never seen an issue go from very little support before the session to almost unanimous support at the end of the session,” said Mathis.

For Helland, she just hopes for her son’s sake, for relief.

“As a parent you will try anything for your kids,” said Helland.

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